After Birth | The Drawings

As part of Co:LAB Festival 2018

Drawings for AFTER BIRTH
by Naomi Kendrick

These drawings by Naomi Kendrick have either inspired the writing (Nicola Schofield) and music (Jennifer Hardy) in After Birth or have been drawn directly in response to the writing. Set Designer David Haworth has created this beautiful space in which to house them.

Through my drawings I explore and articulate the things that are familiar to us all, the sensations, emotions and patterns of thought that make us who we are, but that may lack a recognisable form, a name even.

Through cracked graphite lines, crumpled paper surfaces and the softness of pastel I have attempted to give shape to the constantly shifting internal landscape that life, motherhood, and a sometimes fractured mind has created for me.

Drawings by Naomi Kendrick

Exhibited at Co:LAB Festival 2018