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Highlight Collective was founded in 2017 with a desire to tell hidden stories that are female led. Highlight are writer Nicola Schofield and producer Grace Ng Ralph who in turn hopes the collective is an open space for collaborators to join in on projects. They are currently looking forward to collaborating...

On After Birth with Visual Artist Naomi Kendrick, Musician Jennifer Hardy, Director Amy Hailwood, Actress Sara Abanur and Set Designer David Haworth.

On FLIGHT with Director Caroline Kennedy, and Performers Zoe Mills (as Emily) and Chris Hollinshead (as Robert).

Nicola Schofield: Nicola is a writer for theatre and TV and has had work staged at the Royal Exchange, The Lowry, Paines Plough Roundabout and King’s Head Theatre London amongst others. Last year her play Flight was commissioned by Didsbury Arts Festival about the RSPB founder Emily Williamson. Set in 1889 it was a play about a woman ahead of her time in terms of animal conservation and social issues but who is very little known. The play dealt with the themes of marriage, identity and childlessness and resonated with modern audience in a sold out site-specific production at Didsbury Parsonage. She has also written for TV and was nominated for a Writers Guild of Great Britain Award.

Contact: twitter @NicSchofie | email: nichattan@hotmail.com

Grace Ng-Ralph: Grace is Highlight's Producer and was an Associate Producer on Flight at Didsbury Arts Festival in 2017. She is now producing Flight at Hope Mill Theatre in June 2018 alongside developing other projects. Between July 2017 - June 2019, she worked as Artist Development Coordinator at Royal Exchange Theatre supporting artists and produced Come Closer – Memories of Partition in collaboration with Manchester Museum. This told the hidden stories of Manchester’s South Asian communities and the impact of partition. Grace is currently Assistant Producer: Artist Development and Programming at The Lowry.

Contact: twitter @grace_ennui | email: grace.ralph.ng@gmail.com